Professional Website Design for my Sister

When my sister asked why it was important for her to get a professional web design for her business, I had a lot to say about it. Even though I knew her company wasn’t the largest in the industry, they still had a solid reputation and had great potential to grow. I explained that a quality web design is something that could set her business apart from the next persons. She had a hard time understanding why people would base so much of their opinion on they way a website looks.

What I told her surprised her. I said that very few places were just a brick and mortar store these days. Most stores like hers sold items in the physical store as well as through an e-commerce store. The better quality her web design is, the easier it will be for customers to navigate and this would increase her sales. However, if she didn’t want to start selling online right away, she could utilize a fantastic web design to showcase items to her current customers.

As she grew her email list and online presence, she could go through another web design that will suit her customer’s needs as they progress. I let her know there were plenty of excellent options for her to get started, and what she really needed to think about was what features she wanted to incorporate.

She needed to decide if a blog would be a good fit for her, or if she preferred to keep her newsletter strictly for subscribers only. She would also have to choose what items she wanted to feature on her online store. While there are many programs and web designers that can handle a large online store, not all will be able to. And in my sister’s case, her shop was quaint, and she didn’t have the amount of complex data that other businesses required.

When it comes to web design, you have to be careful if you decide to DIY because themes that come out of a box can be limiting. Hiring a web design company was the best thing my sister could do for her brick and mortar business because she didn’t have to worry about the fuss and time spent learning that comes with designing and managing your own website.

Now that my sister has had a fantastic web design, her marketing plan has taken off. She had no clue how much access she would have when it came to reaching customers that convert. She took the time to incorporate multiple types of social media into her design and has even hired a company to manage those accounts for the business.

Since my sister has taken her  web design more seriously and has finally seen the potential of an online store, her sales have tripled. And this is only the second quarter since she’s started. Now whenever young business owners talk to her about what their first steps should be, she recommends getting a professional web design.